Popping In

We’ve had a couple house guests this week so my focus has been entertaining them and I’ve only now found the time to post to my blog, and it’s going to be a quickie.

When I took Harvey for a walk Friday morning, I saw two signs that said “Children at Play. Reduced Speed Ahead.” I immediately thought I wanted a similar sign for the corner at Breen Acres:

This morning, we want to breakfast at a local diner after a failed attempt at making Pop-Overs. I got this great pic of me and the gay lover life partner husband:

It’s been a weekend of eating, drinking, and a bit of debauchery.

Also, I had a very…interesting…dream about one of you this weekend that made for a …sticky…situation.

Tonight, we are watching “Desperate Living.”

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Popping In

  1. Oh, you shameless tease! So you’re not going tell us who was the subject of your dream? My guess is that it was Dr. Spo, wearing nothing but one of his beautiful shirts.

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