The House is now officially warmed


We had a wonderful housewarming open house yesterday.  There were close to 75 visitors from start to finish, and although the party ended officially at 6pm, we had guests until 11:00pm. A super fast clean up and I crawled into bed just before midnight. Wonderful friends, great food and drink, embarrassingly large amount of gifts and enough new alcohol to restock the bar. But the best part was filling our house and yard with so many wonderful friends and people in our life. Harvey was the star of the party, of course, and the poor little puppy was completely tuckered out from all the attention, by the end of the night.

Today, although we wanted to rest and loaf all day,  we planted several plants that were gifts and used some gift cards to purchase 3 lilac bushes, which we also planted. Then it was an afternoon of rest, snacking and Netflix.  Definitely a great weekend.

11 thoughts on “The House is now officially warmed

  1. I’m glad you had a great Open House. Sorry that I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you guys. Give a great big hug to Harvey for me!

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