After nearly a week of a bad cold, 2 painful intestinal blocks in a 24 hour period and 3 missed days from work, I think I’m finally pulling out of this health nightmare that’s been my life for 8 days. I’m exhausted, but the cold is mostly gone and the body is functioning relatively normally again, so it’s back to work tomorrow. I have 9 days to build my strength before our closing and Operation: Breen Acres begins. Here’s hoping I survive that long…

7 thoughts on “Painless

  1. (sings)

    breen acres is the place to be
    farm livin’ is the life for me
    land spreadin’ out so far and wide
    keep manhattan, just gimme that countryside!

  2. The day is approaching like an express train, S/b. We’re hoping like mad that your muscles will soon be back in good working order – as you are yourself, no doubt. Looking forward to reading of your progress – and that the whole thing will have turned out to be easy-peasy.
    Renewed best wishes to you.

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