Moving Ahead

With the madness of “the holidays” behind us, we are excited to move forward with our plans to buy a house and move into the next chapter of our life together.  We have already grown tired of our current location and look forward to leaving behind the myriad of disturbances and inconveniences that come with living downtown and, specifically, living in this space, not to mention the exorbitant rent we’re shelling out for the “luxury” of living here. There was a time when we thrived in this environment, but we have since changed enough and/or outgrown it and now long for the relative peace and quiet that comes with a more suburban setting. I am already feeling the itch to begin packing, along with my ongoing urge to purge even more than we already have. This, of course, is all crazy since we don’t actually own a new home at this point, but the desire to prepare is there, none-the-less.

It is both daunting and exhilarating to think our next move will (or should be) our last for the next 15-20 years. To think we will actually be done with living lease to lease again and be able to really dig in and settle down, change things as we wish/need to/can afford and feel free to invest in things to make our home as cozy and enjoyable for us as possible for the long-term. I have lots of anxiety about the process, but I have lots of anxiety about everything so that is nothing new. I worry about money, about making the right choice, about having regrets or missing important defects in the house we buy, despite inspectors and research on the property. I worry about the timing of a closing vs. the end of our lease, about the daunting process of packing and moving once again (do it ourselves and tax ourselves physically and emotionally, or higher movers and tax ourselves financially?) especially after the trauma of the last move which, admittedly, came at an unexpected time and right after the loss of our beloved dog.

But mostly, I am thrilled to be moving forward with my husband into the new year, a new home and a new adventure.

6 thoughts on “Moving Ahead

  1. We’ll be following every move – and every twist and turn in getting there. So please post happenings as they develop. You’ve got a throng of well-wishers behind you.

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